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i'm leaving today. ha.

Hello...how r u? I'm pretty good, kinda tired.
Did u get enuf sleep??? pft. no.
Are you intelligent? sometimes.
Are you sure? yes
Do u watch tv? not really
Do u like cartoons? yes
Do u like scary stuff? yes. except when it is annoyingly. like when my little brother jumps out of the corner. argh.
Do u like corn flakes? usually... especially the frosted ones.
Do u like anything? many things actually.
Who do u hate...i mean REALLY hate, u just want them to burn in hell and never see them anymore and possibly buy the video of them in pain and laugh at it hysterically? I don't really hate people...


'cause there's no reason to.
Can you speak another launguage? ha. no.
Is there a color u just LOVE?! can't say that there is.
Is there sumthing that just makes u LAUGH?! or at least squeal with JOY?! a lot of things, actually.
Are you listening to MUSIC?! Yes
Do you like IT?! Yes
What is your style LIKE?! i dunno.
Why am i talking like THIS?! I dunno, but its kinda amusing. except not.
Am i annoying you? not really. i took the thing. no reason to be irritated with you.
Dont worry, it'll be done in a minute... That's good.
What is your ethnicity? i'm white.
Do u have a favorite movie? probably
Do you get annoyed when i like, like TOTALLY, talk like this, like omg?! yeah. I kinda want to stab you.
Wat song has annoyed you sooooo much, u just cant stand it, i mean, if u listen to it u just wanna git a bat a smash all tha millions of people that bought tha cd...? the reason- hoobastank 
What was tha last thing you ate? that sandwhich the german just made for me <3
Was it good? very
Are you in a relationship right now? with you, yes i am.
Are you happy? sometimes
You lucky bastard... you'd like to think that.

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