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it gets harder and harder to smile through this

i'm not in the mood for too much typing but.. i thought i'd update you guys on why i've been so bitchy. JUst so you guys won't hate me forever.

But.. my brother got kicked out of the house today because my parents found his "stash". He has absolutley no clue where he's going to stay he has no actual home right now and pisses the fuck  out of me that they just kick him out like they did. I'm going to miss him so much i know i will. He would do the crazuest stupidest things to make me smile when i needed to and he was one of my favorite people to talk to. Eventhough we had our fights and arguements.. that's normal for a brother ans sister to do. but yeah..

also rumors got respread about this one subjuect that REALLY got to me one time and it made me think the one of the most important person to me had lied and all. but in the end it's all about trust, ad i figured why believe rumors over someome who means os much. maybe i'm letting it go? maybe i'm picking the right choice? idk. sucks being nice sometimes.

and ha. the least of it all. my cell phone got stolen by the mailman and my parents won;t replace it. and it pisses the fuck out of me cuz that mail shit has no use for it since it's dead smomewhat broken and they have no charger.


anyway. i truly hate this post. enjoy.

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