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it's just a flesh wound.

lovers are liars.. especially mine.. or the one that was mine

i was always so good to him.

i mean, people are going to cheat and lie. but, do they have to be complete assholes. like, one time he called me (it had been almost a week since i got to talk to him.. he ignored me like crazy) from his friends house.. and i was happy and upset at the same time to talk to him. But, someone who's known you for that long knows how to push your buttons and make you cry. that's exactly what he did. He pushed me and pushed me (for no real reason) until i cried.. and then it was like he was satisfied. at school the next day his friend told me i was on speaker phone. the whole time. whatever.

why do you have to pick at all my insecurities? I confided in you because i thought you were the one that was there for me?

i have nobody. i have no one at all.

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